3D Printed Galaga 88 Ship

Booglejr | 06/07/2016
3D Printed Galaga 88 Ship

The model I am reviewing today is as you know from the title a 3D printed Galaga 88' ship from the arcade game Galaga 88'. Anyway, I really liked it. So, I first modeled this piece after an actual image from the game. Then, I did my own take on what it should look like in a 3D form factor, as it was a 3D 2D extrusion. This gave me free license on whatever I wanted the 3D shape to look like. So, I designed it based on how I thought it would look in 3D. If your are interested this model was designed on Tinkercad, an online 3D design tool.


This model was painted by someone I know. They thought it was cool, and they asked if they could paint it, so I let them. They chose to use oil paints if you are interested. Either way, it came out really well, and I am impressed.


I really love the way this came out. Clean up was easy, had to remove some supports, but other than that it came out well.

Please be sure to like if you plan on using it! ;)

Feel free to take a look! (Requires WebGL)

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