3D Printed Ocarinas!

Booglejr | 08/08/2017
3D Printed Ocarinas!

Hi, everyone! Today I will be writing about how 3d printed ocarinas are awesome. So specifically, I will be examining Nimaid's Basic Working 12 Hole Ocarina and what is required to get it to print right. You can download Nimaid's ocarina on Thingiverse with the links at the end of the article.


So when I originally started trying to print an 12-hole ocarina I was using a different model. This model was a remix of the Nimaid's model and it did not come with printing instructions, in fact the print failed several times over until I gave and tried a different model. That was when I discovered Nimaid's model which did work. Not only that it had printing instructions. At that point I was able to print the new model with ease. (Make sure to print with 40% infill.)


The sound quality on this ocarina is great! It is easy to play and most the notes sound pretty good. I have noticed notes in the higher end spectrum require more effort to play properly and some don't seem to play at all. But as a general rule this ocarina sounds pretty great. I totally think everyone should have one of these.

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Here is the link to the great Basic Working 12 Hole Ocarina by Nimaid.