A 3D Printed Flute

Booglejr | 05/07/2016
A 3D Printed Flute

I've always thought woodwind type instruments were fascinating, specifically flutes and other instruments like that. Though I never took the time to learn how to play them, I thought it would be cool to have a flute that sounded like an old Celtic/Irish type flute. One day, I decided I would see if any were on thingiverse.com, and surprisingly enough they had them. I quickly browsed through the results until one caught my eye. That flute happens to be one I decided to print.


Paul Francis Harrison's flute design is a great 3d model to print out if you like playing the flute. The print came out really well. After I took it home to grease the connections like the designer said to do, I found it actually worked! I noticed that it appears to be hard to play, but that may just be me, because after all I can't play a flute! I would really like to thank Paul Harrison, because it is a very nice instrument, and I hope more people get to enjoy his wonderful creation.

He also included a sound snippet on his design:

Adew Dundee on a 3D printed flute by pfh

Click here for his design.