Glass bed upgrade for my FF Dreamer

Booglejr | 10/31/2018
Glass bed upgrade for my FF Dreamer

I upgraded my printer with a glass bed a couple months back and after some testing I have to say that I am quite impressed. I got the glass bed off Amazon from a private seller who was selling glass beds with various glass bed upgrade kits for several different types of 3D printers. I'll admit, I had some misgivings regarding a private seller with 65 reviews, but nonetheless I decided to go for it and I was pleasantly surprised.



Installation was very easy because some instructions were included and they were pretty easy to follow. The version included was slightly outdated, but not that much. I was able to tell what was what. The worst part about the whole process was getting the bed clean, but even that wasn't too difficult. During the installation I found out that some of the assembly parts that must be installed were 3D printed. (Don't worry there were no z-shims involved.) Despite that, the 3D printed clamps work quite well.



I've used this bed for a while, and it stands up to everything I put it through. For an adhesive, I've started using Aqua Net Extra Super Hold Professional Hair Spray Unscented hair spray and it works great with ABS and this glass upgrade. As soon as the prints cool, they just pop right off by themselves. As one could imagine this would make print removal very easy. I would definitely recommend this glass bed and I will include a link below. As always, I hope you have a good day! Sorry about the lack of pictures.



Borosilicate Glass Plate Kit for Flashforge Creator Pro and Dreamer, No Z Shim Required by Greenlee3D