Just Forget About AoE4

Booglejr | 07/23/2019
Just Forget About AoE4

About a year back, I got a copy of The Asian Dynasties expansion for AoE3. I had been looking forward to it for a while and when I finally got my hands on a disk copy I played it for a while but I was disappointed by the very apparent lack of change brought to the game. I love a struggle to win and the apparently that wasn't in the cards for the Chinese civ. In my opinion, they are almost too easy to play and yet they were the only civ that I actually wanted to play as.

Enter the Wars of Liberty mod. This was a mod I had already known about for long time, but without a complete collection you can't even play the mod.  Anyway, I installed prepared for a horrible "mod" experience. You probably know what I''m talking about. That mod that has great pictures and you install and it the balance of detail is absurd, i.e. the screenshot you looked at is beautiful but right around the corner, the one you can't see in the screenshot, there is a terrible lack of detail. My experience, however, was totally different. I won't say that I haven't seen a few graphical glitches occasionally, but I will say that they are usually short lived or very insignificant in the context of the game. What really makes this mod great is the gameplay. It was really improved by the unique ideas of the modders, and despite the fact that the mod is still under development, it doesn''t feel really wacky because parts are missing.

Since then, I have been having a blast with this new life being breathed into the AoE3 game. The mod also corrects glitches caused by the game simply aging. Truthfully, this feels like the expansion that AoE3 should have had all along. So if you like me love AoE3 but feel simply burned by the expansion packs and just feel that you done everything then head on over to the Wars Of Liberty homepage and check it out. Thats it for me. See ya later. ;)

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