Lightning Cable Savers

Booglejr | 05/02/2017
Lightning Cable Savers

Okay, so first I am going to start off with an apology about not writing recently. I thought about something for christmas after christmas, but nobody cares about christmas after christmas right? :) Anyway this article is long overdue and something I only recently thought about writing about. To get to the point I would like to cover how awesome Lightning Cable Savers are. If you have a newer iPhone or iPod you probably have seen one. You know the cable with the connector about the size of a micro usb cable but looks different. Anyway, read below for my review:

This cable is a wonderful solution to a common problem. In fact the only complaint I have against the model is you might need to sand the inside out some to widen it. If you don't think they work, I can promise you they do as I have seen them work quite well first hand. If you are always on the go with too short of a lightning cable, this might be perfect print for you as it will protect your lightning cable from ripping and or tearing. Note: I have only tested these on official Apple Lightning Cables.

Click here for martindb's Extended lightning cable saver on Thingiverse

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