My Own Caesar Cipher

Booglejr | 05/07/2016
My Own Caesar Cipher

Ever wanted to have your own little secret language? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I did, so I designed a little cypher that converts one letter into another and so forth, therefore making the text unreadable without the cypher. If you still don't get the concept, I included some snippet text below:

Do you want to 3d model? -> Wd ldh jqxb bw 3o sdwrc?

After printing this model, I found it was too small. Because of this the letters blurred some. However, this issue would normally not be a problem, because I did print half size. Either way, it accomplishes it's job. If you want your own secret code language, feel free to copy, tinker, and print!

Please be sure to like if you plan on using it! ;)

Feel free to take a look! (Requires WebGL)

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