Painting Tips

Booglejr | 06/05/2016
Painting Tips

Ever wondered what paints to use, or how you should use them? Well, it kind of depends on what you want to accomplish with them. I have found that acrylics dry fast, but oil paints have more color and take longer to dry. Multiple coats of oil can go on a object before it completely dries, but acrylic paint will mix if you do that. So, like I said before, it depends on what you want. If you want something to be done fast and still have decent color, go for acrylic. If you have an entire evening to work, go for oil. Oils appear to have way more color vibrancy even after they dry, giving them a nice sheen. Acrylics however seem to be more matte. Of course, there are points at which these descriptions overlap, but oils do seem bolder. Although, I'm not certain how they will hold up long term.

My personal recommendation:

I have found acrylic to be my favorite, but other people may choose oil. So go ahead and make your own decision on the best paints for you. Secondly, whatever color you choose take it slow, and don't put gobs on your brush. I did that and ruined one of my models.

I hoped this helped you, if you have a question please ask below. ;)