Pass the Cannonball Please

Booglejr | 05/07/2016
Pass the Cannonball Please

Recently, I designed a neat cannon on Tinkercad, an online service that allows you to designed models. Well, this was one of my first moving parts cannons and I wanted the wheels to turn along with a pivoting barrel. After fiddling with this cannon for about 3 minutes or so, the head started pivoting, so next I set out to get the wheels to work. I continued to try to make it work, but they didn't turn. In fact, they never did.

I broke one by accident. Then, after snapping one off, I snapped the other off by accident. Then I ripped it to pieces yet the wheels refused to turn. I then picked up the pieces, went to the trashcan, tossed them out, and I am going to redesign the model later.


If you like partially working cannons print it out, but I am warning you it is a piece junk. However, I do plan on revising the cannon to work better later, and will update this post when I do. For now, I will leave the links out. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.


I reprinted it after redesigning it and did not use supports, it came out pretty well the wheels turned this time, but the barrel got malformed and one of its pivots snapped so I am reprinting the barrel, and I will drill out the rest of the malformed area, but the issue should be corrected now, as I modified the design again. Please tell me if there is an issue.

Feel free to comment, and please be sure to like if you plan on using it! ;)

Feel free to take a look! (Requires WebGL)

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