Review Flashforge Dreamer

Booglejr | 11/01/2016
Review Flashforge Dreamer

Hi, everyone if you are interested in buying your first or next 3d printer then please continue reading below. If not then you are still welcome to read below. For those of you who are looking for a 3d printer; hopefully, this may help you decide.

Why I like it:

  1. Flashforge has very good tech support!
  2. It has extremely nice print resolution.
  3. It can print most exotic materials.
  4. It is very straightforward!
  5. It is capable of dual extrusion!
  6. It has a very nice slicer included with this printer!
  7. It has a touchscreen display!
  8. It has its own wifi!
  9. It has color customizable LED lights!
  10. It is very dependable!

Why I don't like it:

  1. It has proprietary parts and firmware. (Not Filament)
  2. Dual extrusion has a few issues. (Maybe my own fault with temp.)
  3. Its filament holders are small.
  4. It is a little hard to clean.

I hope my compiled list will help you, if you have questions or like this article, please share or comment below. Thanks!

Here is the link to the Flashforge Dreamer on Amazon.






said on 11-18-2016:

This looks awesome! The cons don't bug me a lot, and the pros put it miles above the printer I was previously considering- the MakerBot Replicator 2. However, I highly doubt anyone I know (including myself) will have $1100 worth spending on this anytime soon.