Review View3dscene

Booglejr | 07/26/2016
Review View3dscene

Okay, so it has been a while since I have written a post, but honestly not much has happened. Well, besides like really recently, and that is why I am writing. Let's cut to the chase, basically I was messing around using my VMs and other random computer stuff. I kept doing random stuff like usual until I spotted a new interesting application in the application manager I was browsing through. It was named: view3dscene.

I started the download on this great application, at least that's what I thought. Then I launched it and downloaded a 3D model in the x3d file format from Tinkercad, a free 3d design tool online. After the download finished I loaded it up. It worked pretty well, and I managed to figure out how to use it pretty fast. And I definitely recommend you try it, so please give it a shot. I will include a link where you download it. Thumbs-up to the people who designed this program.

Please comment. If you have questions, I will try to help. It is a bit tricky at first.

Download view3dscene here!






said on 09-10-2016:

I saw your Seagate Expansion case on Thingiverse, and I would love to print one. I'd like to change the icon from space invaders to something else, could you possibly get me a copy without the space invaders part? You can email me at david [at] dfiel [dot] com.