UPDATE My Website

Booglejr | 10/31/2016
UPDATE My Website

Okay, I know not many people read my blog. Maybe a googlebot or two, but if there is a real person out there this is an explanation why I have not written recently; and some news about updates to the site. So please continue reading below. Thanks!

Part 1 - Security:

So basically this website was recently being updated with more secure methods of doing things. And I refused to post while still in the process of securing things. Other than that I didn't have much to talk about. Therefore no posts.

Part 2 - Social Media:

If you haven't seen already I added some social media links for you to share and like posts as well as like the entire site itself. So, please check those out as I have yet to test some of them. And If you really like it, then thanks. Oh, and please let me know if they don't work.

Part 3 - Certain Broken Links:

If you see a Tinkercad link it most likely is broken as I have been porting to Tinkercad v2 and taking down old models. Meaning, most Tinkercad links are going to be dead. So yeah, I will work on that soon. Thank you for reading.






said on 02-09-2018:

This site is awesome. More content please!



said on 11-29-2016:

Booglejr FTW!